Our Story

Hello, I’m Tanya - creator of Scrub Bird and, I’m a skin nerd. I love to exfoliate and scrub for clean, bump free, and hydrated skin all year round.

As long as I  can remember I have always searched out every method of for silky smooth skin and I think I have tried every moisturiser under the sun, telling my girlfriends whenever I find ‘the one' and as a child I was so obsessed with my skin I made a ‘scrub’ from dirt in the yard – I cooked it in the oven thinking it would get rid of all the germs, and then I smeared it all over my legs and believed it worked, how far we have come in beauty products!

Scrub Bird was born from many hours of daydreaming about doing something that really inspired me - which lead to a range of products that people are now being inspired from themselves. It was important that whatever I do it must be sustainable. There were a few things I needed to factor in and consider, most importantly being the logistics of such a task and as I pondered, slowly the pieces started to fit together.

I have such a desire to create, learn and expand on my product range for you to enjoy, I love letting the letting the ideas come to me organically and taking inspiration from nature, and that’s why I’m so excited each day to have Scrub Bird and share these products.

 Thanks for dropping by, and please spend some time here and see what product might be best for you.